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Becca knows cybersecurity

I spent 15 years+ in various marketing and communications roles at security companies ranging from public Fortune 500 companies, to early and late-stage startups, to PE-backed organizations. My domain expertise runs deep, in part because of the years I spent running analyst relations strategies and having technical conversations with industry analysts. I continue to maintain relationships with industry veterans and visit security trade shows to stay "in the know" (and schmooze, of course). Zero trust security is all the rage these days, but I was a pioneer in promoting the importance of zero trust security – before most people knew what it meant (and before it was a marketing buzzword). I've helped position multiple companies as leaders in the zero trust realm. 

I'm fortunate to have grown my career alongside a growing cybersecurity industry, and understand the nuance of the cybersecurity influencer landscape. With an eye for crafting breakthrough messaging and strategies that actually resonate, my passion for cybersecurity communications is unmatched. 


In addition to my day job, I also write and speak about the intersection of marketing and cybersecurity for media, podcasts, and events. I also advise cybersecurity startups.

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Catch Becca on this episode of
The Cybersecurity Standup 

Want to gain a fresh perspective on the intersection of security, innovation, and neurodiversity? In this episode of the Cybersecurity Standup, we chat about Becca's unconventional journey from sports PR to cybersecurity communications leader, her experience as a neurodivergent executive, her favorite security analogy, and the potential of generative AI.  


"Becca is also sharing her candid insights on mainstreaming discussions around neurodiversity. Her passion for advocating alternative pathways to success is inspiring and encouraging."

A career dedicated to cybersecurity companies

I've worked at quite a few cybersecurity companies, advised startups in the space, won awards for innovative security-focused campaigns, and even spun out a new cybersecurity company and brand (see Idaptive below). I've been part of a number of acquisitions – leading change management and integrating teams as the security industry continues to consolidate.

My domain expertise includes computer and network security, identity and access management, mobile security, cloud security, endpoint security, unified endpoint management, antivirus, encryption, and of course the zero trust security framework.


You can see the specific companies and market segments that I've focused on below.

Abstract Background

Professional cybersecurity experience


(Formerly Intel Security)

Consumer and Enterprise computer, network, and cloud security


(NASDAQ: MOBL; acquired by Ivanti)

Unified Endpoint Management, Mobile Device Management, Zero Trust access, Passwordless security


(Merged with Thycotic to become Delinea)

Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)


(3-way merger of Pulse Secure, MobileIron, Ivanti)


Unified Endpoint Management, Zero Trust Network Access, VPN, and secure workspaces


(Spun out new company; acquired by CyberArk)


B2B security, Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), and MFA


(Including WinZip, Parallels, and Awingu)

Secure Workspaces, Compression and Encryption, Secure Remote Access, Remote Browser Isolation

Corporate Marketing  |  Brand  |  Communications

I advise cybersecurity companies

I'm currently a board advisor for two cybersecurity startups paving the way for novel ways to protect corporate data.

Nullafi - Logo.png

Easily Protect Sensitive Data, Everywhere. Nullafi ensures your users see only the data they need to see, in any app, giving your organization unprecedented control over data access. No need for complex tools, blocking data wholesale, or maintaining manual fixes.


Acquired by Ericsson in 2023

Zero trust secure network, application, and web access solutions for today’s distributed digital organizations. Cloud-based, user- and IT-friendly solutions that protect your organization against advanced cybersecurity threats.

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